corkscrews beware

- Fakes, marriages and new corkscrews sold as old.

Unfortunately there are corkscrews recognized as fakes,marriages or new corkscrews sold as old. In general the faked corkscrews could be either replicas with bad quality or they can be reassembled in such a way that their originality has been lost. Furthermore, newly produced corkscrews are sold as old just with a patination. Still another possibility is that genuine parts from many corkscrews have been put together. Now, I would not consider changing the brush and/or the handle to a time typical handle as a marriage.


Still another possibility is that badges has been swapped and thus the item, although it looks and feel genuine, is really not. However, in my opinion qualified fakes are very uncommon. Now what precautions should you and could you take.


* Check for reference with a recognized corkscrew collectors book. If an item or badge is not present in the books this means something. Faked badges often come in clusters. The badge is unknown and suddenly there are a few for sale.


* Rely on your gut feelings. When in doubt stay out of the deal. Same as with financial investments.


* In the internet era it is difficult to " look and feel ".  Thus, ask for more detailed pics of the item. If you are unsure - make sure of a return possibility. A new trend on ebay is that the seller does not accept returns.


* Develop your own set of trusted dealers who will be able to make a judgment of the originality.

Please find below a link to an online guide how to avoid being fooled.



Furthermore, there is also a facebook group with recent postings and corkscrews to avoid and beware.

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