links of interest

To the left is a pair of Burns bottle locks, fully operational and with a nice historical twist !

ICCA is the main site for trading corkscrews internationally:

Helix scandinavica is the collectors club for scandinavian corkscrews:

The corkscrew museum in Rioja, Spain has to be experienced in real life:

Vangelis Gerovassiliou is one of the greatest corkscrew collectors in the world. His museum in Thessaloniki, Greece is outstanding :

The corkscrewmuseum in Barolo, Italy will thrill you:

Don Bull's virtual corkscrew museum is worth visiting:

Ferd Peters is very knowledgeable about corkscrews and has written many books on the subject:

Steven Webb's personal website. The site has many advantages, and one very interesting part is the research and historical information provided about some manufacturers.

Peter Borrett's personal website. Peter lives in Reading, and we share the same interest in British corkscrews as well as the spirit and developments of Reading Football club.

Gavin Maddock's trading webpage. The page has an extensive amount of English corkscrews for sale.