The sidewinder of a Kooystra.




There are quite a few books related to collecting corkscrews. Some are to be regarded as the ultimate bibles with complete coverage of the topic. If you were to review only a few books concerning British corkscrews I would suggest the following:


Peters, Ferd: Mechanical corkscrews - Their evolution, actions, and patents.

Beheermij Pintex BV, 1999.

ISBN: 90 805058 1 1


Ellis, Frank: British registred designs.

Cod beck publishing 2007.

ISBN: 9780955526404


Watney, B M & Babbidge, H D: Corkscrews for collectors.

Philip Wilson publishers Ltd 1996

ISBN: 0 85667 431 1


For scandinavian corkscrews please refer to:


Berntson, Buster and Ekman, Per: Scandinavian corkscrews.

Tryckeriförlaget, 1994

ISBN: 9197008176