The magnificent sidewinders

Sidewinders are often called " rack and pinion corkscrews with side handles ". The corkscrew operates by turning a side handle connected to a pinion wheel moving the shaft so that it could be raised up and down. Rack and pinion corkscrews with sidewinders uses the pinion as gear to translate the rotary motion into a vertical lifting motion. The shaft itself could be of a narrow rack kind or a wide full rack. In general, the length of the side handle is shorter than the length of a lever arm. The mechanical advantage of a lever corkscrews is therefore higher. Usually, because of the force needed to extract the cork by a sidewinder, the pressure to the side handle is significant. Side handles made of bone therefore usually break. To the right a nice example of a Lund barrel with bottlegrips. All original with badge and bottlegrips intact. A fully complete original Lund is rare !


Below I display various steel sidewinders, Twiggs steel lifting jack with original patina ( very rare ) as well as sidewinders from Dowler and BB Wells. The Wells has not a badge, but solely the name " BB Wells " engraved into the barrel. This is different as compared to many others. Last but not least a london rack by Lund. Nice items.

A traditional steel variant. Common but an interesting piece.

Although Dowler is quite common I must admit that quality and performance is admitted and loved.

The twiggs lifting jack. A steel variant as original. Very rare.

BB Wells is not quite common and has it's fascination. Always with a distinct mark.

A nice example of an ornamated 4 pillar steel CS. Unmarked.


A fantastic bottle grip london rack. Thomas Lund at his best. I adore this piece.