Some famous corkscrew makers

There are a number of English entrepreneurs from the industrial era who made, amongst other smithy products, corkscrews. In the beginning the corkscrews were of a direct pull design developed into mechanical patented corkscrews with consideral details engraved into the barrel. I also appreciate the differencies in the handles. Some handels are made from bone. Some other manufactureres relied on plain wood.


After sir Thomason's patent was expired a lot of manufacturers entered the marketplace. The basic mechanism was all the same. However, differences is noticed in the weight of the barrel and the quality and crispness of the actual badge. Most manufacturers relied on a bronze barrel, while a few used brass. Brass is easier material to engrave. Furthermore, some producers specialized in half pipe designs.


Please read the stories of some entrepreneurs from the past never to be forgotten. The product line of Thomason badges tells something about the producer and his feel for quality. The manufacturers were very advanced in their approach. Robert Jones had an impressive product line. Edwin Cotterill made advanced clutch mechanism corkscrews, while the Lund family made corkscrews with bottlegrips. Edward Hipkins was a major industrialist besides making corkscrews. Joseph Mechi started as a cutler and manufacturer of vanity boxes as well corkscrews. Walther Vaughan made special direct pulls based on a tube mechanism. I have also summarized the story of three of Swedens most prominent manufacturers.


Below I show you some of what I have collected and my rank of the producer. I know it's not fair since the producer can not comment. My judgement is highly emotional and subjective. I adore them all !


Here I only show some traditional Thomason badges. I have not included e.g Lund, Brooks and Heeley in my summary so far. Again, for what it s worth - it's highly judgemental.






Premier League

And the winner is....Robert Jones. Distinct heavy barrel, engravings and an exceptional badge. Please read the full story of Robert Jones on my page.

Thomason by Mechi of London. Generally, a high end producer. Please read the story of John Joseph Mechi on this page.

Thomason by B H Harris, Birmingham. Heavy barrel and nice patina.





Thomason by CF Lee. Lee made his barrels of brass. This material is easier to work with as compared to bronze. Cotterill was another manufacturer who made barrels out of brass.

C Jones of Birmingham. Exceptional badge and heavy distinct barrel. Maybe a relative to Robert Jones.



Thomason by Wilmot and Roberts. I like this piece. However, maybe a bit weak quality in some detals e.g the badge. Highly judgemental.


Thomason by Dowler. Dowler factory produced numerous corkscrew models with high quality. I am really unfair not putting the Dowler quality in PL.

Thomason by Rodgers & Son's. Gut and feel tells me this is good exceptional stuff. Nice item !


Thomason by Rodgers. Yes! Relegation zone of PL.

League 1

Thomason by Barlow. I regularly look at this piece concluding that Barlow is one of my favourite pieces. Why ? The patina is wonderful and a nice feel in your hand.

Thomason by Coney. Coney not at his best moments but the handle tells you a story. Simple and plain !

Thomason by Cotterill. Cotterill can do much better and this brass item is really not super quality. However, well known mark and he would to improve on himself. The self adjusting clutch corkscrew is a super design. Please read the story of Edwin Cotterill on this page.